The Aaron Vaughn Band - One younger guy, two older ones, and it WORKS!

Hey folks! Here is, at long last, the LAST of the AVB's official public gigs. (The 3 private ones are on the gig page) C'mon out, celebrate 15 years of great vibes, and have a blast with us one more time!

May 27 (Wed) - Beach Bar at Clarklake 530-930
June 19-20 (Fri-Sat) - Horns Bar at Mac Isle 930-130
July 1 (Wed) - Beach Bar at Clarklake 530-930
July 16 (Thurs) - Robina Rhapsody in Berkley 530-930
Aug 14 (Fri) - Hunter House Dream Cruise TBA
Sept 12 (Sat)- Hector and Jimmy's in Milford (LAST PUBLIC GIG!)

'Til we meet again, AV
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